2017 Mural- COEXIST

This year, my AP Studio Art students and I completed a new campus mural that we started on 3/20/17. One of the challenges we are facing in our country right now is accepting one another. Our goal was to celebrate the diverse population of our school and illustrate the spirit of peace and love. I wanted to create a permanent symbol to remind us that we are all unique, but underneath we’re all the same. We replaced an old flag mural (circa 1991-ish). We also tried to capture the essence of the old mural in our design by including the flags in the leaves on the tree.
Across the top, the poem reads,
“You prayed — it wasn’t my religion.
You spoke — it wasn’t my language.
You took my hand — it wasn’t the color of mine.
But when you laughed — it was how I laughed,
And when you cried — it was how I cried.”
The poem, “Underneath We’re All the Same” was written by Amy Maddox, a 16-y
ear-old student at Franklin Community High School in Bargersville, Indiana. We’ve edited it from its original version.

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2016 Mural – Imagine What’s Possible


In 2016 we wanted to repaint a badly damaged mural that is just outside my classroom door. I decided we deserved to take a break from painting lions, our mascot. So, as a class, we conceived of a mural that shows creativity in action.

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2015 Mural, In Honor of All the Monarchs, Past, Present and Future

For the past several years my AP Studio Art students paint a campus mural in the spring. The 2015 mural is closest to my heart because it was painted in loving memory of my student Sergeant First Class James Grissom, Mt. Eden Class of 1999. The mural is on a wall behind a recently refurbished planter box with a new tree planted in honor of James.

The photos below document the progression of the mural.

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2013 Mural

For the past 3 years my AP Studio Art students paint a campus mural in the spring. This year’s HUGE undertaking (31 feet long!) is our biggest mural yet and was created by about a dozen students over the course of about a month. It is painted on a wall facing the student parking lot where opposing teams park and walk right past on their way to the locker room. The photos below document the progression of the mural.

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Here’s is my entire AP studio art class, all 32 of them, on the last day of school.


2013 Door Murals

Each spring, after the AP art portfolios go in the mail, my AP Studio Art student’s paint murals on classroom doors around Mt. Eden’s campus. This year we painted 10 doors (as well as a 31 foot mural). The class of 2013 truly left their mark on our campus and in the most beautiful way.

2012 Mural AND Doors


This year, we decided to do BOTH a mural and several campus doors.  There were 15 juniors in AP this year, a record # for my AP class. Because juniors don’t generally submit a portfolio until their senior year, they needed something to do in the spring, while the seniors finished up their portfolios. So the juniors tackled a large sports mural in the entrance to the gym for the last few months of the year.The seniors painted doors after their portfolio’s went in the mail in early May.


Here’s the mural as it progressed day to day:


Here’s the class of 2013 who made the mural a reality. They were lead by Siyou Song, centered, who designed and led the whole project.  I’m thrilled to have Siyou in my class again this coming year!


Here’s some of the candid shots of the kids at work. *I love how clean their aprons are in the beginning, and by the end there’s nearly as much on them as there is on the wall…



After the seniors completed their portfolio’s, they were sent out to paint murals on classroom doors around campus. Students chose the door they wished to paint from a LONG waiting list of teacher eager to have their door beautified. They worked in pairs, with other seniors or with a junior who was pulled off the mural, eager to move on to another project.


Here are the door murals of 2012:


Christian Sioson & Haroon Samimi painted Mr. Amaral’s door in J Hall.


Lesly Pumay painted Mr. Klein’s door in J Hall


Heidi Mondragon & Lauren Castañeda painted Ms. Allan’s door in C Hall.


Jared Gochuico painted Mr. Arrington’s door in A Hall.


Rebecca Kephart painted Mr. Rawdon’s door in the Art Wing (the last image is the original mural which was painted over)


Chelsea Reinsel & Shaine Salim painted Mr. ___’s door in F Hall


Jankley Garcia & Brayan Flores (and Ms. Phillips) painted Ms. Phillip’s door in J Hall.


Alex Infante & Antonio Gil Flores painted Ms. Eastwood’s door in J Hall.


*After school was out, Ms. Maloney commissioned three of my AP students to repaint her door. (the last image is the original mural which was painted over)


2010-2011 MURAL!

Rather than paint classroom doors this spring, my AP Students painted a 25′ x 10′ mural in the front of the school. They began their drawing on April 9th and the last photo was taken on June 1st. I’m proud beyond words of this massive work of art and all the hard work they put into it.


The two masterminds behind the mural design who oversaw the whole thing throughout its evolution, Jared Gochuico & Jankley Garcia.They came up with the concept, created the scale model drawing, and they were also the project managers as I wasn’t there with them very often. They did an AMAZING job and I’m so happy I’ll have them for another year.